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Giovanni Rana Cafe at Palisades Mall Nyack

Great Food–Fast-Italian–high end restaurant food at Burger King prices. The pasta is extremely good. A favorite pasta of Italians is now here in the USA. Opening in Chelsea Market soon. You will go crazy for it. It is hard to explain the difference between their ravioli and other raviolis–but when you have it there will be no going back. We had the signature red pepper and tomato ravioli and the mushroom fettucini with real parmesan cheese and al freddo sauce.


Denbei Kakisu Persimmon Vinegar

A very nice persimmon flavored artisanal white vinegar from Japan which is now available in the US. For more information call Thompson Imports Inc. (914) 963 3676

Blueberry Inn: Bed and Breakfast Farm Getaway

A new delightful place to get away any time of the year : this B and B near New Paltz where you may also purchase wonderful grass fed beef from hot dogs to filet mignon to take home!

Woody’s All Natural Cornwall New York is Great

Sunday we drove over to take a walk with Mini along the Hudson River at the Cornwall Town Park and Marina. Views of the river and a few hardy souls kayaking out there; a beautiful place on a beautiful sunny late Fall day. Storm King Adventure will take you out to Bannerman’s Castle or on a kayaking Moonlight Tour on the Hudson-talk about romantic! That is probably where the people we saw out there on the Hudson River had gotten their kit and guide. Spectacular scenery of the lovely Hudson River which inspires artists and poets.

We explored Cornwall–there is a trail on the Storm King Mountain right above the village of Cornwall- on- Hudson. And also a school called Storm King. And the New York Military Academy.

Then, there is Woody’s All Natural which offers all-natural beef hamburgers that are delicious and not expensive at all. Unlike McD’s you can have your food with wine and lovely organic salad. You can add fresh avocado or extras like goat’s cheese on your hamburger. I had a gruyere cheeseburger well done as your order is prepared for you alone. Not a small thing. Noel had his as rare as they make them.

The room itself is cheerful (and the young staff too). We were invited to bring our little dog Mini out on the deck if we wanted to eat there with her. We didn’t do that but we will be back. And if people love our dog, we love them back.

We wish that there were as many Woody’s All Naturals as McD’s.

We stopped across the street at Cornwall Wine & Spirits Store and we were surprised at the selection of Italian and French wines we like and the appreciative and knowledgeable sales people. Our purchase was a Cote du Rhone for under nine dollars to be served some stormy night when we will toast the Storm King..

We could have bought our bottle of wine elsewhere, but it feels good to patronize our local main street small businesses who are offering wonderful selection and services and… sometimes even a better or comparable price AND product than the mass merchants.

Burger Deluxe Diner Wayne New Jersey Gets An A+

We were not really looking for somewhere to have dinner but after a meeting and a few sales calls in Jersey City and Hoboken New Jersey earlier we were headed home. There are plenty of places to buy lunch in Hoboken, but no place to park so we kept driving. It has become 15 years more overbuilt than when it was already too overbuilt. I remembered why we moved away as I drove past the lovely brownstone at 933 Bloomfield Street where my children spent their first years.I felt sad at the relative poor quality of life there except for the view of Manhattan which is still awe-inspiring. The atmosphere in the HarborSide neighborhood in Jersey City reminds me of Midwest cities that built sterile downtowns in the 60’s when people moved away to the suburbs. Over on the coastline of the Hudson River, there are fabulous new highrises, townhouses, and marinas. Still NJ though, and always will be. Wrong side of the culinary landscape. We went into a cafe at ground level under one of the highrises where there was coffee and some miserable cold tired “panini” sandwiches left over in the glass case. No thanks. I am all paninied and latte-ed out. Manhattan prices too.
So when we passed the Burger Deluxe on the highway out on Route whatever, I said, well it is either going to be really really good.or…..
Well. Burger Deluxe is an unexpected treat. First of all, there is the outrageously fresh and chic decor of a real diner gone mad with two-tone vinyl and those strange lights that evoke memories of Telstar the satellite.
The menu isn’t cheap but it is first rate. I had a BLT (with delicious red potato salad as good as my mom makes) and Noel had a peppersteak burger- perfectly rare as ordered!- with homemade french fries in a paper cone. Pellegrino water to drink. When the waiter asked me how I wanted the bacon cooked on the BLT, I knew at once we were in for a treat!There were cupcakes on the menu: carrot, coconut, and red velvet. There was a pomegranate milkshake. And burgers made out of all kinds of other things besides beef. There was a Duck-Chicken burger! For another time. For Sure. Coffee was divine.

All together worth the trip from anywhere. Even Manhattan! Same restaurant group that owns Oceana, one of our favorite places. How unlikely. And we aren’t even “diner” people. Wayne New Jersey… the malls……

New Amsterdam Market Thanksgiving in Manhattan is great.

If pilgrims and Native Americans were looking to shop for Thanksgiving, they would head on over to New Amsterdam Market on November 22 for the Thanksgiving Market. Check out the vendor list on their site. It is wonderful.

You can order a very fine fresh turkey indeed from Dickson’s Farmstand Meats which now has a permanent space at Chelsea Market where we met up with Jacob Dickson the other day. It can be picked up at The New Amsterdam Market site as well.

Give A Truffle Tree This Christmas!

Yes, it is always a great problem to give something worthy to the person in your life who has everything already. The pet rock collection, the personal star, his and hers personal helicopters, so this year give a gift that keeps giving. No, not a Botswana orphan  Silly!

A personal source of Truffles for future use. A Truffle Tree.

Here’s How: